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Balvaig imageBalvaig is a group of musicians and singers who gather in the Strathyre Inn on Sunday afternoons to play a wide selection of music. Balvaig is named after the river running through the Village of Strathyre.

The local residents were very accommodating in the early days as a few bum notes and off key tunes were heard. Things have improved and we now have a repertoire of some 200 songs. The band members hold a wide range of tastes from traditional Scottish laments to modern folk, blues, jazz and rock and roll from the 70s & 80s.

Balvaig imageMeet the band: Tommy plays guitar, bodhran harmonica and vocals. Mike plays bodhran and harmonica, Cliff plays ukelele / vocals. Owen sings and plays banjo and harmonica. Stevie on accordian does a good range of music, reels and Jigs. Mikey on guitar and vocals including some of his own numbers. Kenny also writes some local songs about the Strathyre area and plays guitar and harmonica. Jane Booth is a singer and plays guitar

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