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Boys of the Lough

Boys of the Lough

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Boys of the Lough

The first of the full-time professional Celtic bands to arise on the international scene, Boys of the Lough now occupy a unique position of respect in the world of traditional music. They have completed over sixty tours of the USA and their performances and recordings are spread over five decades.

Since the first tour in 1967 the boys have travelled extensively in their mission to gain traditional music a wider audience and respect. Their warm and vital performances have won them friends from the village halls of their homelands to international concert and festival stages, establishing a precedent that many others have followed.

True originals, direct from the tradition, the Boys have earned respect on both sides of the Atlantic and continue to act as role models for countless younger musicians. Their concerts, recordings and compositions were crucial in bringing about the current explosion of interset in all facets of Celtic music.

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