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Scottish folk singer

Scottish folk singer

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CorralachCorralach are a Highlands of Scotland based Folk Group with an interest in keeping our vocal tradition alive. We sing a wide range of harmony songs drawn from Scotland, Ireland and America both accompanied and A'capella.

Corralach are; Tony Perridge, 6 string and 12 string guitar lead vocal and high harmony, Tony is the band 'Chord Smith' who frequently expresses the view that 'there is not a song written that cannot be improved by the addition of a minor chord or two'. Tony has played the circuit for a number of years now having been a member of The Clach who were resident in Hootanany in Inverness for 7 years on a Sunday night.

CorralachGeorge Livingstone, guitar, bouzouki and 5 string banjo, lead vocal and low harmony. George has played in folk bands since the early 1960's having been in The Norlanders, Barleycorn and The Clach to name but a few. Both Tony and George have played a variety of pubs, bars, folk clubs and theatres including Elgin Town Hall and Eden court Theatre.

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