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The Corries

The CorriesThe Corries, namely Ronnie Browne and Roy Williamson, were a dynamic folk singing duo who, for more then thirty years, combined a unique blend of instruments and songs to create one of the most influential groups of the folk revival in Scotland.

Through club, television, radio and concert appearances they developed into a multi-instrumental group ,playing accompaniments on guitars, mandolins, boranns, banjo, flutes, whistles, harmonica, concertina, Northumbrian pipes, bandurria, combolins, 28 string guitar, psaltry, english guitars ,fiddle etc. During the years they recorded a number of albums, made countless TV performances, and even performed at the 1970 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games.

The CorriesIn 1990, Roy Williamson sadly died of a brain tumour. However, their music is very much alive and enjoyed by many throughout the world. Now, with many of the old recordings being re-released on CD, Roy's song "The Flower of Scotland" set to become the national anthem of Scotland, and Ronnie pursuing a very successful solo career it looks like The Corries are going to be popular for many a year to come.

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