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Cross Border Band

Cross Border Band

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Cross Border Band

Cross Border BandThe Cross Border Band, play a mix of contemporary and traditional music, much of which is written by Erne and arranged by the band. The band consists of Linsey Aitken, Mike Simons and Erne Parkin.

Linsey is a classically trained cellist, piano player and fluent on the recorder. She has had an interest in 'traditional' music for quite sometime and adds a unique blend to Cross Border, especially with her wonderful vocals.

Mike is generally considered one of the best finger-style guitarists in the West as can be witnessed on his new solo album 'Still Time'. With a wicked sense of humour his fast picking, finger-licking style Cross Border Bandideally compliments the traditional feel of Cross Border.

Erne, originally from Durham County, has never forgotten his traditional roots, albeit a lot greyer now. Having settled in Milngavie 18 years ago, he then formed 'Dirtwater Fox' a local Country Rock Band and latterly 'Cross Border Band'.

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