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Scottish folk singer

Scottish folk singer

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Fiddlers Bid

Fiddlers BidNew album 'All Dressed in Yellow' - Winner of 'Album of the Year' at MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards 2009. 'They play like angels and devils all at once' - Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Fiddlers' Bid are internationally respected as leading exponents of their unique musical heritage and rich fiddle tradition and are global ambassadors for Shetland. A dynamic four-fiddle front line joins with a powerhouse of piano, bass, guitar and Scottish harp to create a display of stunning virtuosity.

Fiddlers BidSince their formation in 1991, the 'flying fiddles and furious talent' of Fiddlers Bid have astounded audiences all over the world with their expressive, high energy music and performance. 'Beware: Fiddlers Bid is infectious and habit-forming.' Fiddle - Andrew Gifford, Kevin Henderson, Maurice Henderson, Chris Stout. Piano/Clarsach - Catriona McKay. Guitar - Fionan de Barra Bass - Jonathan Ritch.

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