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HeidrumHeidrum are a group of acoustic musicians from Montrose and surrounding areas on the North East coast of Scotland. They met in their local pub, The Black Abbot, and had a session or two, and the rest is history, they've been jammin' and giggin' since.

Why the name Heidrum? Because of their mutual love of celtic, folk, traditional, bluegrass & generally what you would call roots music, they used to hear some folks saying "that's them that play all that heidrum hodrum stuff”, so Heidrum sort of stuck ....

From celtic, folk, trad & bluegrass numbers to jigs, reels & ballads, as well as some well known covers, they play anything that lends itself to acoustic music. Between them they play guitars, bass, fiddle, bodhran, bouzouki, banjo, mandolin, accordion and just about anything else that they can get their hands on.

They tend to get together for music sessions whenever & wherever they can, from camping trips to festivals to pubs, clubs & bars to barbecues & parties, you’ll find them pickin’ away somewhere. From sessions & gigs in some of the local venues in Montrose and surrounding areas across to Glencoe and beyond, and as far as Norway, they are up for playing pretty much anywhere.

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