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Killin Thyme

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Killin Thyme

Killin ThymeDuncan MacKinnon is an outstanding musician specialising in Highland Bagpipes, Border Pipes, Small Pipes, Uilleann Pipes and whistles. He has been actively involved in the folk music scene ever since being a member of the Central Region Schools Pipe band up until 1980 and has played a multitude of musical instruments during this time and is now playing full time with Killin Thymevarious musicians including Gill Hunter, Jock the Box and renowned fiddler Archie McAllister.

Duncan is willing to travel world wide to play. He has an ongoing commitment to the Folk Music festivals both in Scotland and Overseas. Killin Thyme perform traditional and original tunes and songs as well as ceilidh music, with up to five members depending on the budget and occasion. The band can appear in various forms, depending on location and budget. I am an original, inventive and versatile piper, having my own style that can make people dance, laugh or cry. I have won many competitions and have played at many major events. I can perform as a solo artist or with the band. Any venue or location considered.

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