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Randan Ceilidh Band

Randan Ceilidh Band

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Randan Ceilidh Band

Randan Ceilidh BandThe Randan Ceilidh Band play for Ceilidhs, dances, functions, St.Andrews Night balls, Burn's Night celebrations etc. They are experienced world wide travellers having played in South Korea nine times for St. Andrews Night balls and Burn's Night celebrations as well as Holland, Germany, Poland and of course the UK. Dances can be called/demonstrated if required. A duo can be provided under the name of 'Ardbeg' for folk nights/pub gigs etc.

Band consists of George McLarty(accordion), Drew Robertson(fiddle/mandolin) and Chic Henderson(guitar/vocals). Chic Henderson is a folk singer, guitarist and dance caller. He has played in several bands over the last thirty or so years. He met up with George around seven years ago and Drew a few years later. They seemed to blend together okay and have travelled several thousand miles with no ill effects, so far!

Randan Ceilidh BandOriginally from Girvan, Ayrshire, George started playing the accordion aged 10. When he moved to Edinburgh in 1976 and joined the Merchant Navy, the accordion playing was sidelined, then about 10 years ago, aged 40 decided to resume playing, becoming a regular attender of traditional music festivals around Scotland. It was at one of these festivals, namely Kirriemuir, where he and Chic met and later teamed up to form the Randan Ceilidh Band.

Born and raised in Shetland, Drew grew up surrounded by the music of the islands & developed a keen interest in Scottish Dance music as soon as he was old enough to switch on the wireless. He spent several years as a member of the Shetland Fiddlers in mid 70s & early 80s and also was a member of the band "Bannim's Haa". The music that Drew now plays on the mandolin & fiddle draws on a wide range of influences from both sides of the north Atlantic Ocean & he continues to get enormous enjoyment from it, whether it is playing to a whole night of dancing or backing folk & country songs.

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