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Real Time

Real Time

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Real Time

REAL TIME are a Borders based band formed in 2002 by Kenny Speirs and Tom Roseburgh (both ex John Wright Band). They have played with a variety of instrumentalists and now tour with Claire Mann on flute, whistles and fiddle. Their repertoire includes not only many songs and tunes from both sides of the border but also contemporary and self-penned material, and to date they have released four albums to wide critical acclaim.

In 1998 Kenny released his first solo album "Bordersong" followed in March 2002 by "North Wind Blowing". The latter included five self-penned songs. His most important project has been the formation of Real Time with Judy Dinning and Joe Wright .

Fiona Cuthill was born and bred in Glasgow and has lived there all her life. She was classically trained in violin by Bill Baxter, who played in the renowned Halley Orchestra. Fiona has been a member of several traditional/folk bands in her career so far, including Whirligig, Canterach, and Real Time.

Claire Mann comes from Newcastle upon Tyne and has established herself as one of the leading exponents of Traditional Irish Flute, Tin Whistle and Fiddle.

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