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Tarneybackle Tarneybackle Tarneybackle
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TarneybackleTarneybackle are one of Scotland's popular folk groups, performing a wide range of traditional and contemporary folk music. The band sing mainly Scottish folk songs, adding in some tunes and material from North America and Ireland. Close harmony singing is Tarneybackle's hallmark. Songs are accompanied by a sensitive blend of guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, octave mandola, flute, whistles and percussion.

John Davidson has been making music and singing for most of his life In the 90's John joined "Talisker", playing to folk clubs around Scotland, including Crail, Stirling, Falkirk and Dunfermline. In addition to working with Tarneybackle, he has worked as a solo performer since 2004.

Sandy Marshall was responsible (guilty) for the formation of Tarneybackle as in 2000 he asked John to join him in a performance to a caravan club. This led to offers of three bookings on that night and with the huge fee of £25 (between them) the path to a life of music (and poverty) was set.

Lorna started to play percussion at the Blackford sessions in 1997. Lorna plays an ever-growing range of "World" percussion, including djembe, bongos, chimes, claves, shakers and tambourine, and sings.

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