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Whigmaleerie Ceilidh Band

WhigmaleerieWhigmaleerie is a five-piece Ceilidh Dance Band born and formed in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in the last century which this century, has matured into the perfect Ceilidh Dance Band for every occasion. With over 25 years experience as a Ceilidh Band in the North East of Scotland, Whigmaleerie's not-so-delicate blend of drums, fiddle, keyboards, guitars and vocals gives them a contemporary sound, drawn on the traditional music of Scotland, Ireland and England.

On the Ceilidh front, Whigmaleerie play and call all the popular Scottish country dances such as Eightsome Reels, Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, Canadian Barn Dance, The Virginia Reel, Dashing White Sergeant and many, many more. Calling the dances helps all those in the audience not familiar with the steps to have a go and primarily have fun. In addition, they also play a selection of traditional music from Ireland and Scotland which is always well received. But that's not all, they also cover pop, rock, country and even have their own 'Whigmaleerie Disco' if required.

Although based near Aberdeen, Whigmaleerie have performed at literally hundreds of festivals, marquees, events, weddings, private parties and ceilidhs throughout Aberdeenshire, Scotland and the UK, and their lively, energetic music coupled with their on and off-stage humour, makes them popular wherever they perform.

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