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Alan and Rob

Alan and Rob

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Alan Reid and Rob van Sante

Alan and RobAlan (vocals, piano, accordion, guitar) and Rob (vocals, guitar) perform modern and traditional folk. Alan recorded almost 30 albums with world renowned Battlefield Band. Alan’ songs have been a feature of the band's repertoire since the early 80's and are noted for their story telling element, lyricism and strong melody. In 1998 his first solo album 'The Sunlit Eye' featuring new songs and tunes was released followed by his song and tune book 'Martyrs, Rogues and Worthies' in 2001. His songs have been an integral component for the band and for the two well received albums with Rob. Alan was a 2009 Scots Tradition Award nominee in the composer section.

Rob is a highly respected tasteful guitarist and a fine singer. He has lent his ears to the Battlefield Band for
the past 13 years as their sound engineer for both live and recorded work. He continues to accompany them on all their tours as their 'fifth' member and when not on the road, Rob can be found at work in his recording studio in his adopted home town of Leeds, recording and producing albums for local, national and inter-national musicians. He has a wealth of experience playing for over 30 years with various luminaries in the English folk scene and more recently with Alan. The duo combine fine harmony singing with sensitive and imaginative accompaniments, the very highest quality in contemporary folk.

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