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Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon

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Andrew Gordon

Andrew GordonAndrew Gordon was born 1976 in Fort William on the West Coast of Scotland. Although Andrew grew up in Perth and now lives on the east coast Andrew is still most at home among the hills and lochs of the West. He never misses an opportunity to get out that way, Especially fond of Skye, Andrew has played many gigs and taken some great pictures in that area.

Andrew grew up listening to The Corries. The heartfelt renditions of Scottish songs encouraged Andrew to find his own voice, and at the age of 13 started on the folk music road.

Andrew GordonHe played his first solo gig at the tender age of 17, but it was not till 1999 that Andrew settled into his solo career. Since then Andrew has played in The US, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands and all over Scotland.

Andrew currently works a 'day job' as well as plays music, but that hasn't stopped him from racking up nearly 300 gigs in the past 2 years.

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