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Bob Knight

Bob Knight - album

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Bob Knight

Until late 2004, no one on the Scottish folk music scene had ever heard of Bob Knight, not even in his native Aberdeen. Bob had spent his entire musical career playing in professional and semi-professional bands in Aberdeen, but it was only when he stopped playing regularly in 2001, and after a gap of two years, that he started writing songs in late 2003 using his native, 'Scots', language.

Between September 2003, and August 2004, Bob wrote around twenty songs. Not quite sure how these would be accepted in the folk scene, he started going to the occasional pub folk session, then to Aberdeen Folk Club, to perform, and gauge the audience reaction to his songs. 'Initially I was worried that they might think I was just some chancer, but happily, right from the word go, I've received nothing but help, and encouragement from everyone I've met.'

While Bob has always had an interest in folk music, even buying the occasional album by the likes of Planxty, The Bothy Band, and Silly Wizzard, he readily admits to there being large gaps in his knowledge of the folk scene. 'At first I thought that was a disadvantage, but eventually I realised that what it really meant was that I hadn't been influenced by anybody else. If you come to see me, that's what you'll get - me! I haven't modelled my singing style on anyone, because quite frankly, I didn't really know anyone else. It's that simple.'

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