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Scottish folk singer

Scottish folk singer

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Christina Stewart

Christina Stewart's captivating voice echoes her warm devotion to the celtic tradition of her native Scottish Highlands. Highly regarded as an active advocate of Scotland's song traditions, she performs at festivals, concerts and ceilidhs and teaches Gaelic, Scots and English language songs in classes and special projects for all ages. Christina is a performer, a recording artist and a tutor. She has studied Scottish traditional song at university level, worked in arts development, helped out at folk festivals as an office bearer and general pair of hands, and sung, recorded and taught both solo and with others.

With various succesive committee posts on the Highland Society came the chance to set up all sorts of outings, classes and events, not least the Highland Annual, and still more excuses for socialising. After graduating, she moved north again and got involved with the Highland Traditional Music Festival and the Skye Folk Festival on a voluntary basis and spent a year as a trainee in the arts section of Ross and Cromarty District Council. She landed the post of assistant Arts Officer at Highland Council after this and continued to work with Feis Rois, HTMF and the Skye Folk Festival in her spare time, while advising voluntary committees on funding and facilitating Highland touring among other things for the Council.

She has recorded three albums and now works freelance and can therefore concentrate more on her special passion - traditional song. She still can't resist the setting up of occasional voluntary projects, though.

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