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Donnie Munro

Donnie Munro

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Donnie Munro

Donnie MunroDonnie Munro was brought up with his parents in Portree. During his days at primary school he came into contact with a wee boy called Calum Macdonald. Although it was not known at the time, their paths would cross later in life in a major way.

Donnie would return home to the Isle of Skye on his holidays and it was on one such occasion that he went along to see a local band called Run-Rig. The band included his old pal from primary school Calum Macdonald. About a year after this meeting Calum and his brother Rory asked Donnie if he would like to become the singer for Run-Rig. That was the start of a long and successful career with the band for Donnie.

In 1997, Donnie left the band to pursue his political career. But the fans were not prepared to let Donnie slip quietly away and the highlight of his final year with the Band was to be what ended up as 3 concerts at Stirling Castle.

Luckily for all us fans, in 1999 Donnie couldn't keep away from the recording studio and with help from Chris Harley, they recorded what turned out to be his first solo album "On the West Side" which was released in 2000. Donnie got a band together and they went off and played live again to the fans long starved of that unique voice Donnie has.

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