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Scottish folk singer

Scottish folk singer

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Jayne Sarah

Jayne SarahJayne Sarah started performing in 2006, initially accompanied by Gerry Sullivan on guitar. The duo performed at numerous folk clubs in Scotland along with an opening spot for Rallion at the Star Folk Club in February 2007. Jayne also supported Old Blind Dogs in Comrie in December 2006, accompanied by John Milne. In April 2007, Jayne and Gerry were joined by guitarist/bouzouki player Stevie Lawrence and the trio have since appeared as guest artists at Stonehaven, Glenfarg and Denholm Folk Clubs, with a performance at Stonehaven's 21st Anniversary party in March 2008 supporting the Fisher Family.

Jayne’s repertoire has grown to become a balanced selection of songs with interpretations of material by songwriter’s such as Beth Neilson Chapman, Natalie Merchant and Kristina Olsen, plus a new slant on traditional arrangements and a showcase of her own original songs. Jayne Sarah released her debut album 'Perfectly Impossible' in October 2008 and will be going on a backpacking tour around the world for 8 months from November 2008 until July 2008 to promote it.

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