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Folk singer - Jim King

Folk singer - Jim King

Folk singer - Jim King

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Jim King

Folk singer - Jim KingJim started playing the guitar in the 60's and by the beginning of the 70s he was playing around some of his local folk clubs and pubs. By 1981 he was fronting the Boston Folk Club in Lincolnshire and earned a reputation as a competent and entertaining compére.In 1985 he moved to Glasgow. He was introduced to the Star Folk Club at Carlton Place and became a regular there for the next few years and it became a 'musical home' and a source of some great friendships.

He remains, among other things, a writer of stories in song covering a wide range of subjects. He has successfully worked with diverse groups in communities around Glasgow, running workshops and master-classes, and was a co-founder of 'SongWright' - The Glasgow Festival Of Songwriting.

He compéred the Open Stage at Lomond Folk Festival in 2006 and he has made the Folk/Acoustic Zone at the Glasgow Show his own for several years. He began a collaboration with Steve Clark from the beginning of 2008 and performed a few selective shows with some more planned this Autumn ('09) and in Spring 2010. The CD of his live performance at the renowned Star Folk Club in Glasgow was released in April. He hopes to start recording a new solo album for the Summer/Autumn of 2009.

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