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Scottish folk singer

Scottish folk singer

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Joss Cameron

Joss Cameron is a Scottish folk singer, born in Leith, and has a long professional career behind her. Starting off as a nightclub singer in 1988 in the Costa del Sol and a residency in Gibraltar Casino

In 1995, she moved to Ghana to teach music and art, and in 1998, lived in Melbourne where she joined the highly acclaimed a cappella folk trio, EVESPEAK, where she became a well known voice in the Australian folk music circuit, whilst debuting their world music award winning CD 'Warming The Ground'.

In 2004, Joss returned to the UK where she became founder member of the highly acclaimed a'cappella quartet, GRACE UNDER PRESSURE, and performed with them until 2012, and with BALLADONIA until 2017, where she performed in many community settings with well known poet and actor, Spike Munro. Joss is also one of Edinburgh's 'Heretics'.

At present Joss was founder member and still performs 'SHIAN FOLK' and is also a well known solo performer, where she sings traditional songs, many of the songs being from the North East of Scotland. (Her family being linked to the Travelling tradition, and Joss being a blood relation of well known ballad singer, Jeannie Robertson).

Recent live shows include:

The Edinburgh Folk Club
Blairgowrie Town Hall
Edinburgh Festival
Eastgate Theatre Peebles

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