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Lilian Ross

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Lilian Ross

Lilian RossAs a child, her mother always asked her to sing when there were visitors to the farm house and still does! She learned many traditional Scots songs and ballads as a child and has continued to add to these as she has gone through life. her father is a great Bothy Ballad man and also a fan of “Rabbie” so she had that influence as well. She still loves and admires the work of Robert Burns.

She particularly likes songs with a story to them and she has a great sense of humour so funny songs also appeal to her. She loves to perform and entertain an audience with Scots and Folk songs interwoven with her storytelling and poetry at venues and festivals. She has been working on an educational project for several years now going round schools teaching primary school children Scots Songs and rhymes. She has also delivered Scots Song Workshops for adults.

Lilian grew up in the "Singing Lands" of Buchan, Aberdeenshire, midst its rich oral culture. There she cultivated her craft of song, lyric and story developing a warm open and generous performance style evident in her latest album. Recorded at Watercolour studios in Ardgour 'Thorns and Roses' takes it's name from the title track. One of a succession of memorable self penned songs expressing the wonders, wounds and elusive dreams we chase through life."Sometimes we get the rose and sometimes we get the thorn". With performances in Edinburgh, London, Ireland and a succession of local festival dates, Lilian is now looking to take her songs to Folk Clubs and performance venues across Scotland.

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