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Mary Kathleen Burke

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Mary Kathleen Burke

Mary Kathleen BurkeMary Kathleen Burke developed her lifelong passion for music through being exposed to regular performances at parties and events within the family home and local community in the small village of Park in County Derry, Northern Ireland. Seeking to expand her horizons, Mary moved to Scotland at the tender age of sixteen to pursue a career in music. Mary performed mostly Irish and Scottish traditional or roots music. By the age of nineteen she had written her first song - 'My Scotsman And Thee', included on her debut album 'A song in her heart', released on the Greentrax Label in Feb 2008 to worldwide critical acclaim.

This album is a mix of traditional and recent songs, including 'A Woman's Heart', of which the composer, Eleanor McEvoy, described Mary's version as 'truly beautiful'. 'I have been in the music business for over 40 years and I've not heard many like her. Shes a wonderfully gifted performer, and a natural musician with an absolutely gorgeous voice. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that she is going to become a great star' - Dr Ian Green (Director Greentrax Scotland). 'There's an element of nostalgia that you tend to find only among longtime exiles... something different and charming' - Sarah McQuaid, Evening Herald reviewer. 'Album Of The Week' - Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow.

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