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Pernille Quigg

Pernille Quigg Album - Driftwood


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Pernille Quigg

Pernille QuiggPernille Quigg is originally from Denmark but has been living on the West coast of Scotland for a number of years now. She has appeared as special guest at her husband Stephen Quigg's gigs in Holland, Denmark and of course in Scotland in venues ranging from concert halls to house concerts and everything in between. Pernille has now also started performing solo.

American folk music was one of her earliest influences through the often political folk songs from singers such as Pete Seeger, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. Danish folksingers were few at the time, so the influences were mainly from English speaking Pernille Quiggparts of the world, although today Pernille keeps a song or two in her native tongue in her repertoire. These influences would soon be followed up by an interest in traditional song, as Pernille lived in Ireland for a few years and sang in the traditional singers club in Dublin. She occasionally participated in singer/songwriter sessions and so began writing her own material. She then moved back to Denmark and started studying English Literature, but the love a Scotsman brought her across the sea. Happily married to Stephen Quigg, former Pernille QuiggMcCalmans member, Pernille finished her Masters in Literature and is still bringing up young children. The music, however, always finds its way back.

Pernille's debut album “Driftwood” has just been released. The album is acoustic folk, the style is simple but effective, and it comprises a mix of traditional, contemporary and self-penned songs. Pernille sings and accompanies herself on guitar and the selection of songs display a wide interest in folk music although a common theme may be, that they all have a story to tell.

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