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Ted Christopher

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Ted Christopher

Ted ChristopherScottish singer/songwriter based in Stirling playing an average of 250 gigs a year. Mainly in Scotland but frequent trips worldwide. Extremely versatile with many hand knitted (primarily Scottish patriotic) songs and a huge repertoire of covers. Ted performs many solo gigs, sometimes uses a couple of musicians as 'The Ted Christopher Band' and of course fronts 'Bannockburn'.

Ted is one of Scotland's finest performers. He is a well travelled and extremely versatile singer songwriter. He is equally at home whether singing heart felt originals to a concert audience, belting out Scottish favourites to the Tartan Army or playing some of his huge pop/rock repertoire to a packed dance floor.

Unphased by any size of audience, he played to 750,000 people on The Mall in Washinton DC. A week later there were 12 in Cowie Miners Welfare. How's that for a quick reality check? and they were both great gigs.He is proud to be a native of The Royal and Ancient Burgh of Stirling (Stirling is now a city but he much prefers the previous description of his hometown) and was born and raised a mere claymores length from Stirling Castle and The National Wallace Monument.

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