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Glasgow Fiddle Workshop

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Glasgow Fiddle Workshop

Glasgow Fiddle Workshop
Town/City: Glasgow
Venue: Stow College City Campus, Shamrock St
Day: See website for classes and info
Start time: See website for classes and info
Contact name: Glasgow Fiddle Workshop
Contact phone: 0141 331 0606
Contact email: gfwadmin@fiddleworkshop.force9.co.uk
Link to Glasgow Fiddle Workshop website
Additional info - click here

GFW is an organisation that runs classes in Traditional musical instruments and Song at Stow College.

GFW's aims are:

To promote an understanding and appreciation of Scottish traditional music.

To provide opportunities for learning to play and sing Scottish traditional music, with an emphasis on learning to play by ear.

To create a community of people with a common interest in Scottish traditional music.

To forge links with other organisations who have similar interests. GFW is a registered charity, and has reconstituted as a company limited by guarantee. All activity is coordinated by a voluntary committee of members with a part time administrator.

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