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Peebles Fiddle Groups

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Nomad Beat
Town/City: Peebles
Venue: Nomad Beat, 10-11 Cherry Court, Cavalry Park, Peebles, EH45 9BU
Day: Beginners. Fortnightly Saturday 12:00–14:00 - £10
Improvers. Fortnightly Saturday 14:00–17:00 - £15
Start time: Beginners. 12:00–14:00
Improvers. 14:00–17:00
Contact details: Joining a group is easy. Send an email to info@peeblesfiddle.co.uk or phone Nomad Beat on 01721 722 472 and speak to Barbara or Alison and we will organise a time to get you started.
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Beginners group - For people who have never played before. In this group you will learn basic technique and start learning some simple tunes by ear.

Improvers group - For people who have been playing for a year or two, or who may be returning to playing the fiddle after a long break. In this group you will continue with traditional bowing and technique exercises and progress to more sophisticated rhythms and tunes.

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