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Denholm Folk Club

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Denholm Folk Club
Town/City: Denholm
Venue: Auld Cross Keys Hotel
Day: Alternate Thursdays
Start time: 8.30pm
Contact name: Kenny Speirs
Contact phone: 01450 870664
Contact email: kennyspeirs53@hotmail.com
Link to Denholm Folk Club website
Additional info - click here
Denholm Folk Club was founded in February 1993 and has run regularly ever since. Its presence has helped to make Denholm one of the most important centres for traditional music in the south of Scotland. It is supported by many local musicians and singers, and the session nights are always pretty lively. Over the years the club has attracted many top acts from all over the world who tend to enjoy the small friendly atmosphere here.
Five years ago Denholm Folk Festival began, held over the first weekend in November. This year's guest include Real Time and Vin Garbutt, and we expect the village to be buzzing as usual over the three days.
The club's forthcoming guest are
28.5 Kim Edgar
24.9 Eddie Walker
19.11 Dave Gibb
25.2 Broom Beezums
22.4 Tania Opland and Mike Feeman
17.6 Anthony John Clarke
14.10 Sarah McQuaide
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