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Girvan Folk Club

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Girvan Folk Club
Town/City: Girvan
Venue: Queens Hotel
Day: Friday
Start time:  
Contact name: Pat Lappin
Contact phone: 01592 280075
Contact email: j.p.lappin01@talktalk.net
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Girvan folk club was formed in October 1964 with the aim of promoting traditional folk music and song. The club first met in the local scout hall where the lack of a licence meant refreshments were limited to tea and orange juice. A move to the British Legion Hall followed before the club found a welcome at the Jolly Shepherd Pub in Barr. Despite having many memorable nights in Barr the lack of transport in those far off days often proved a problem so the club were delighted to be invited to take up residence in the Queens Hotel in Girvan. Due to changing ownership and other problems the club has relocated to other establishments in the town for brief periods but has always returned to its home in the Queens.
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