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Haddington Folk Club

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Haddington Folk Club

Haddington Folk Club
Town/City: Haddington
Venue: The Mercat Hotel
Day: Wednesday
Start time: 8.30pm
Contact name: Gordon Pearson
Contact phone: 01620 822925
Contact email: gordon@haddingtonfolkclub.co.uk
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We are a long established East Lothian club, where anyone with an interest in folk music (the term is adhered to very loosely) can come to listen or contribute.

Most of our evenings are of the 'singaround' variety; anyone who wants to, can have a go at showing off their musical achievements. We have occasional guest nights, featuring professional folk musicians, and shorter 'spots' featuring one of our members.

Perhaps you sing or play a musical instrument, or are learning to do so, or perhaps you just like to listen and be entertained. Whatever your level of interest, come and give us a try.

We meet every Wednesday evening at around 8.30pm at The Mercat Hotel, Haddington.

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