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Montrose Folk Club

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Montrose Folk Club
Town/City: Montrose
Venue: The Links Hotel
Day: Every second Tuesday
Start time:  
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Contact phone: 01674 671000
Contact email: info@linkshotelmusic.com
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Looking for live folk music in Scotland? The Links Hotel Folk Music Club in Montrose is the place to be. It's the best entertainment going anywhere in the locality!

The club has been running since 1984 and is one of the oldest venues for folk music in Scotland. We present regular folk music concerts every second Tuesday evening throughout the year, with occasional extra concerts and short breaks in July and at the Festive season.

Our programme is aimed at bringing you a wide spectrum of popular and acoustic music. The foundation is mainstream folk music, both traditional and contemporary, and we also stage blues performers, the annual bluegrass music concert in August, new country music and contemporary songwriters.

Scottish folk artists
We've played host to all the best known names on the Scottish folk music scene including Archie Fisher, Dick Gaughan and Michael Marra. In addition to the established artists, we also have a policy of showcasing as many of the exciting new Scottish folk music performers as we can.

International artists
The Links Hotel is also a popular venue for touring folk musicians from all over the world. From England, regular visitors are Martin Carthy and Martin Simpson, and the Irish folk music of Tommy Sands is always a joy. Recent North American guests have included Tanglefoot and James Keelaghan from Canada and Tom Pacheco from the US. We have also staged acts from Australia, and all over Europe.

Come Along!
The club is a great place to enjoy listening to folk music and sometimes there are opportunities to take part as a guest. It's a relaxed, friendly environment and normally there is a chance to chat to the artists. You don't have to be a member to attend, so come along and have a great evening!
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