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Penicuik Folk Club

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Penicuik Folk Club

Penicuik Folk Club
Town/City: Penicuik
Venue: The Roadhouse, 136 John Street
Day: Tuesday
Start time: 8.30pm
Contact name: Alan - David
Contact phone: 01968 678610 - 07940 537231
Contact email: Website form
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The town of Penicuik has some 15 000 inhabitants, once a mining and papermaking centre - now largely a dormitory for Edinburgh. Penicuik Folk Club meets in the Roadhouse Pub, 136 John Street, Penicuik, EH26 8NJ, 01968 678405. It´s a fine venue right in the middle of sunny downtown Penicuik, opposite the Tower chippie! - with great acoustics and a real folk-club atmosphere. We are in the comfy lounge bar for sessions and in the function room for concerts. There´s parking round the back of the pub and plenty street parking nearby. Disabled access is no problem and there´s even a disabled loo. We have moved from the Royal Hotel, but we wish Simon Rennie and his Royal Hotel team all the best, with thanks for a good 2008. We now hope to stop being nomads for a while and settle in the Roadhouse. This is fast becoming Penicuik´s 'Music Pub' with a Friday evening acoustic jam session once/month, intermittent and diverse gigs organised by the pub and now our regular Tuesday folk club sessions and concerts.

The club holds a concert once each month (generally the second Tuesday of the month) when a professional folk artist or band performs and visitors to the club pay an entrance fee. All other Tuesdays are free Singers Nights.

We book folk musicians and encourage the playing and singing of folk music – but we interpret 'folk' very liberally. Many of our guests and regular sessioneers veer into country and western, blues, acoustic rock/pop. We work on the premise that any song has the potential to become a folk song – it just has to be good enough to last long enough to become part of the singing tradition.

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