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Stonehaven Folk Club

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Stonehaven Folk Club
Town/City: Stonehaven
Venue: Community Centre, Bath Street
  The community centre doesn't have a bar so bring your own drinks!
Day: Friday
Start time: 8.30pm
Contact name: Pat Popplestone
Contact phone: 01569 764202
Contact email: patzipop@hotmail.co.uk
Link to Stonehaven Folk Club website
Additional info - click here

We are always looking for people to 'spread the word'! If you are in a position to put up posters on a regular basis, or even just the odd one of two, please feel free to download the posters from this Website (in Word) and print them off. Click here to take you to the Diary Page - click on the date and open up a Poster (in Word) - print it off and stick it up!!!

Andy Popplestone issues a weekly email giving updates about the Club - if you want to get in touch, get added to his distribution list, just click here and this will take you to his email address.

ALSO - if you have come along to the Club and you have any comments (good or bad!), please feel free to contact Andy. He also appreciates any feedback on the guests we have, so if you want to write a piece on who we had at the Club the week before, please drop Andy an Email.

Thanks - and we look forward to seeing you at the Heugh sometime soon!

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