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Ugie Folk Club

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Ugie Folk Club

Ugie Folk Club
Town/City: Longside
Venue: Longside Football Social Club
Day: 1st Friday of every month
Start time: 8.00pm
Contact name: Barbara-Ann Burnett
Contact phone: 01346 541396
Contact email: babs@ugiefolk.co.uk
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The Ugie Folk Club dates back to 1992, when it was started in the Bruce Arms, in Longside by a bunch of local folkies! Since day one, our aim has been to have fun, provide a platform for people of all ages and abilities to perform music and sing and to put on as many free events for the local commmunity as we can.

Ugie Folk ClubUgie Folk Club

Our club nights are very informal and new visitors are always made welcome and everyone is encouraged to take part. We would love to meet you at Crichie, so please come along!

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