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Scottish folk music sessions in Aberdeen

Town/City Venue Information
Aberdeen Old Blackfriars
52 Castle Street
Contact Ewan/Claire 01224 581922, oldblackfriars.aberdeen@belhavenpubs.net. Traditional Scottish music session every Thursday from 9.30pm. All musicians welcome!
Aberdeen The Blue Lamp
121 Gallowgate
AB25 1BU
Every Monday from 9.00pm onwards. Tel: 01224 647472
Aberdeen The Globe Inn,
13-15 North Silver St, Aberdeen,
AB10 1RJ.
Every Tuesday from 9.00pm. Tel: 01224 624258
Aberdeen Prince of Wales,
7 St. Nicholas Lane, Aberdeen,
AB10 1HF.
Every Sunday, 8.00pm. Tel: 01224 640 597

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