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Lyrics - Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie o'

There once was a troop o Irish dragoons,
Cam marchin doon through Fyvie o
The captains fell in love wi a very bonnie lass,
And her name it was cad pretty peggy o

Now theres many a bonnie lass in the howe o Auchterlass,
Theres manys a bonnie lass in the Garioch,
Theres many a bonnie Jean on the streets o Aiberdeen,
But the floor o them a is in Fyvie o

Oh its come doon the stair, pretty peggy my dear,
Its come doon the stair pretty Peggy o
Oh come doon the stairs, comb back your yellow hair,
Take a last farewell o your daddy o

Its Ill gie you ribbons for your bonnie golden hair,
Ill gie you a necklace o amber o
Ill gie you silken petticoats befitting your degree,
If youll convoy me doon tae my chaumer o

Oh I hae got ribbons for my bonnie golden hair,
And I got a necklace o amber o
And I got petticoats befitting my degree,
And Id scorn tae be seen in your chaumer o

It was early next morning when we rode awa,
And o but our captain was sorry o,
The drums they did beat Oer the bonnie braes o Gight,
And the band played the lowlands o Fyvie o

Lang eer we went into old Meldrum toon,
Its we had to carry our Captain o
Lang eer we went into bonnie Aiberdeen,
Its we had our captain to bury o

Green grow the birk on bonnie Ythanside,
And low lies the lowlands o Fyvie o
The captains name was Ned and he died for a maid,
He died for the bonnie maid o Fyvie o

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