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Lyrics - Come Oe'r The Stream Charlie

Come o'er the stream, Cherlie
Dear Cherlie, brave Cherlie,
Come o'er the stream, Cherlie,
And dine wi' McLain!
And though you be weary,
We'll mak' your head cheery,
And welcome tae Cherlie
And his loyal train!

We'll bring doon the red deer
We'll bring doon the black steer
The lang thru the bracken
And the doe frae the ben
The salt sea we'll harry
And bring tae ye, Cherlie
The cream from the bothy
And the cock frae the pen


And you will drink freely
The juice of Glen Sheelie
That streamed in the starlight
When Kings dinnae ken
And deep be your mead
Of the wine that is red
Tae drink t'your Sire
And his friend, The McLain!


If we do invite ye
What more can delight ye
It's ready, a troop of
Our bold Heiland men!
They'll range on the heather
Wi' bayonet and feather
Strong arms and broad claymores,
Three hundred and ten!


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