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Lyrics - Granny's Hielan' Hame

Where the heather bells are blooming
Just outside Granny's door.
Where as laddies there we played in
The days of long ago.
Neath the shadow of Ben Bhragie and
Golspie's loudly stane,
How I wished that I could see my
Granny's Hielan' hame.

Away in the Hielands
There stands a wee hoose
And it stands on the breast of the brae.
Where we played as laddies
Sae long long ago,
And it seems it was just yesterday.


I can still see old Granny,
A smile on her face,
As sweet as the heather dew,
When she kissed me good-bye,
Wi' a tear in her eye,
And said 'Laddie may God bless you'.


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