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Lyrics - Mormond Braes

As I gaed doon by Strichen toon,
I heard a fair maid mournin',
And she was makin' sair complaint
For her true love ne'er returnin'.

Sae fare ye weel, ye Mormond Braes,
Where aft-times I've been cheery;
Fare ye weel, ye Mormond Braes,
For it's there I've lost my deane.

There's as guid fish intae the sea
As ever yet was taken,
So I'll cast my net and try again
For I'm only aince forsaken.


There's mony a horse has snappert an' fa'n
An' risen again fu' rarely,
There's mony a lass has lost her lad
An' gotten anither richt early.

Sae I'll put on my goon o' green,
It's a forsaken token,
An' that will let the young lads ken
That the bonds o' love are broken.


Sae I'll gyang back tae Strichen toon,
Whaur I was bred an' born,
An' there I'll get anither sweetheart,
Will marry me the morn.


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