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Lyrics - These Are My Mountains

For fame and for fortune
I wandered the earth
And now I've come back to
This land of my birth
I’ve brought back my treasures
But only to find
They're less than the pleasures
I first left behind

For these are my mountains
And this is my glen
The braes of my childhood
Will know me again
No land's ever claimed me
Tho'far I did roam
For these are my mountains
And I'm going home

The burn by the road sings
At my going by
The whaup o’er the head wings
With welcoming cry
The loch where the scart flies
At last I can see
Its here where my heart lies
It’s here I’ll be free


Kind faces will greet me
And welcome me in
And how they will greet me
My ain kith and kin
This night round the ingle
Old songs will be sung
At last I'll be hearing
My ain mother tongue


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