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Lyrics - Tramps and Hawkers

O come a' ye tramps and hawker-lads
An' gaitherers o' bla'
That tramp the country roun' and roun'
Come listen one and a'
I'll tell tae ye a rovin' tale
An' places I hae been
Far up into the snowy north
Or sooth by Gretna Green.

I've seen the high Ben Nevis
That gangs towerin' tae the moon
I've been roun' by Crieff an' Callander
An' by Bonny Doon
I've been by Nethy's silvery tide
An' places ill tae ken
Far up into the stormy north
Lies Urquart's fairy glen.

Sometimes noo I laugh tae mysel'
When dodgin' alang the road
Wi' a bag o' meal slung upon my back
My face as broun's a toad
Wi' lumps o'cheese and tattie-scones
Or breid an' braxie ham
Nae thinking whar' I'm comin' frae
Nor thinkin' whar I'm gang.

I'm happy in the summer-time
Beneath the dark blue sky
Nae thinkin' in the mornin'
At nicht where i'm gang to lie
Bothies or byres or barns
Or oot amangst the hay
And if the weather does permit
I'm happy a' the day.

Loch Katrine and Loch Lomond
They've oft been seen by me
The Dee, the Don, the Devron
That a' flows tae the sea
Dunrobin Castle, by the way
I nearly had forgot
And the reckless stanes o'cairn
That mairks the hoose o' John o' Groat.

I've been by bonny Gallowa'
An' often roun' Stranraer
My business leads me anywhere
I travel near an' far
I've got that rovin' notion
I wouldna like tae loss
For It's my daily fare
An' as much'll pay my doss.

I think I'll gang tae Paddy's Lan'
I'm makin' up my mind
For Scotland's greatly altered noo
I canna raise the wind
But if I can trust in Providence
If Providence should prove true
I'll sing ye's a' of Erin's Isle
When I come back to you

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