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Vatersay Raiders

Oh what happy news for me
To hear how you fared
And how you told them plainly in Edinburgh
That there would be no retreat in your camp.

William Boyd, he ought to have
from Beirgheaslom to Caraigrigh
The Gortein Geal, and the Beannachan
to the side of the Hamhstal brae

Donald John is down there
And he’s not hard to please
The Uidh Riabhach would do fine for him
Since it’s good for grazing stirks

Eogan there in Eorasdal
See what a Tory he is
And if he won’t follow Donald’s orders
We’ll just vote him out to the Glen

You have seaweed rights from the North Beach
Out to Snuasimul harbour,
And Uinessan along with it,
And Mor nan Ceann’s grave is there.

You have the Caolas, good arable
You have plenty drift seaweed at Port a Bhata
And you can dry the grain there
In the kiln that Melvin had

Hù a hò gum b’eibhinn leam...

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