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Black Watch session

Black Watch session

Black Watch session See previous
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SPOTLIGHT ON - Session - Black Watch, Aberfeldy

Last Friday I popped into the Scottish folk music session in the Black Watch in Aberfeldy and was faced with a full house which is a regular occurrence. You will normally see anywhere between 12 and 20 musicians and there have been quite a few well known names who have popped in. Phil Cunningham made an appearance when he was filming the latest series of Transatlantic Sessions in Glen Lyon, John Taylor the famous fiddle player spent an enjoyable evening there and a well known name to all in the folk club, Doris Rougvie, was there on the night to give us a few songs.

Black Watch sessionBlack Watch session

The sessions started earlier this year mainly by Douglas Craik, a local TMSA National Director, assisted by fellow members, Linda Dewar and Ron Young. The owners of the Black Watch, Claire and Terry, have gone out of their way to make everyone feel at home and create a superb atmosphere where everyone can relax and do a bit of serious foot tapping. So, if you're looking for something to do on a Friday evening you should pop in and join in the fun.

Alan Copeland

Click here to watch a video clip from the session


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