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SPOTLIGHT ON - Distilled Records, Galloway

Distilled recordsHere at Distilled Records we aim to provide a shop window and a bit of focus for new and unheard voices in music. Why bother, you ask, when the internet is already swamped with so many musical outlets? Well, all we know is that we keep coming across so many original voices, writers, musicians whose voices are either drowned out in the murmur of mediocrity, or when faced with such a vast ocean of possibility don’t even know where to start.

The only time a piece of music is finished is when it is heard by someone. The most beautifully produced CD might sit forever on a shelf, but what’s the point if no one ever gets to listen to it? Or is hidden on the fringes of some enormous download site? So we’ll be presenting stuff in various forms of finish, from rough sketches to finished CD’s, and we’ll be inviting you to judge on the content as much the form. We’re especially interested in original song writing and composition. As our friends in Lithuania say, ‘Tai-As’ … this is me, this is my voice!

We’re based in South West Scotland, in bonnie Galloway, across the river from the Bladnoch Distillery… a beautiful and creative corner of Scotland. We also have the benefit of Unit 7 Studio on site, so are well positioned to help in the actual production if needed….

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Steve Dowling
Steve Dowling - Angels Saints & Aeroplanes, DRCD001, Out Now

Pepperjam – Taxi To Whitby, DRCD002, Out Now

Al Price
Al Price – Blues Is The Roots…, DRCD003, Out Soon

All these CD LPs are available from
MegaMedia (download) – http://mega-media.co.uk/
Discogs (cd) - http://www.discogs.com/label/Distilled+Records

Distilled Records http://www.distilledrecords.com/

Steve Dowling http://www.myspace.com/stevedowling

Pepperjam http://www.myspace.com/pepperjam2

Al Price http://www.unit7studio.com/al_price.html

Unit 7 Studio http://www.unit7studio.com/index.html


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