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Jim Malcolm

Jim Malcolm
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SPOTLIGHT ON - Jim Malcolm

Jim Malcolm has been one of the smoothest voices in Scotland’s folk music scene for more than twenty years, and cut his teeth as a performer with The Bivvy Bag Band and Scotch Blues. 'We’d batter Jim Malcolmall over the Highlands, playing just about every place you’ve ever heard of, and arrive home with 20 pence,' says Jim of those early days. Inspired by Jim Reid, his great folk hero, he took up the mouthorgan, and was soon gaining the attention of... the Angus police, who noticed he was driving oddly and pulled him over. They wouldn’t believe he was slightly wobbly on the road because he was driving with one hand while practising some old Scots tune on the mouthie. The police warnings were worth it, because Jim has taken simultaneous guitar and mouthie playing to a new level of artistry – here’s one man who can definitely multi-task.

Jim now works between UK and North America. After eight years, four albums and 739 hangovers as lead singer with Old Blind Dogs, he’s back on the road solo, singing his own songs, traditional, contemporary and songs of Robert Burns. In 2009 he has been paying tribute to Robert Burns – in costume. You can have a look at Jim on YouTube in action at Kansas City last year or see Jim performing his own song Fields of Angus, close to home in Scotland. Better still, try to catch the man live. Look at his gig list for venues and dates.

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